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“Combining the Italian and French flair with a passion for colours and a great dose of boldness and humour, our signature design is a sophisticated celebration of the joy of life.”

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PL Studio is a London-based boutique interior design studio founded by life partners Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin.


Sabrina and Aude, raised in Milan and Paris respectively, share the same vision. Inspired by the captivating use of colour that characterises some of the most iconic decorative art and design movements of the 20th century, the creative duo looks beyond the trends to create elegant, yet humorous interiors dominated by the joy of the unexpected and an unconventional no-rules approach.


Combining Sabrina’s love for maximalism and Aude’s passion for a more minimalist style, the spaces designed by the couple embody the maximal minimalism aesthetic, where the personality of maximalism meets the spaciousness of minimalism. Simple geometric shapes and clean lines are brightened by bold colours and punchy patterns, as well as mid-century design, art, and antique pieces, to give life to a playful, rich universe.


Interior design


Art direction

Showhome staging

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